What I do?

Consulting and support

on local/IFRS group reporting, preparing different statutory and group reports.

Local or statutory reporting give us headaches, and group reports are detailed and must be accurate. In this area I offer my services. In this way, I help my clients to understand things better from an accounting point of view, and to make the reports logically and explicitly. Our role, of the professionals is to reflect as accurately as possible any action of the company in which we work.

Assistance and support SAP

as SAP FI functional consultant for group and local fiscal reports, support for implementing fiscal local reports in SAP.

I act as a liant between the client-company implementing the new ERP and the SAP consultant. In fact, I can reduce the accomodation time of accounting staff with the new system and can improve certain parameters from the beginning. Creating the right system from the beginning will certainly increase the efficiency of the work in the system, reduce the impact of data migration in SAP and finally, the costs of the company. I have experience in SAP implementations, in the financial field. For the personnel of the client-company it is difficult to accommodate with this new system, but if they have the support from an independent professional from the beginning, they will have the necessary time to be able to learn it in a shorter time.

Interim services

for accounting, controlling and HR (in case of lack of personnel).

Often, staff fluctuation puts us in difficulty. In the financial-accounting department we cannot reduce the specific activity, even when we lack staff. In this case, I provide my services for interim/personnel replacement, because:

  • I have experience in accounting, controlling, reporting and Human Resources
  • I am easily accommodated with a new work environment
  • I have the ability to identify opportunities for work improvement

The interim period varies depending on the needs of the client-company.

Let's work together!